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Important!  If you are having difficulty with your mortgage payments and want to save your home from foreclosure, go here now to find out what your options are.

As private investors and members of the Star Investment Group, we're familiar with many ways to acquire, sell and finance property.  We've been assisting homeowners who have fallen on hard times or who were just tired of being in the landlord business, but were concerned about serious tax consequences if they were to sell their property(s).  On the other hand, We've also assisted buyers in acquiring their first home even with bad credit and very little money for a down payment.  When you understand the many options available outside of the traditional real estate transaction, you can achieve peace of mind and home ownership much faster.  Call us for a no cost confidential consultation.

Foreclosures 101

Are you aware that there are 2 types of Foreclosure Procedures in California?  There’s the Judicial Foreclosure that is an actual Court Proceeding that takes a long time and legal fees to resolve and the Non-Judicial Foreclosure that is quicker and allows the lender to settle the delinquency by following a prescribed timeline. Most lenders will file the Non-Judicial Foreclosure because it’s faster and less expensive to pursue, but they have the option of filing a Judicial Foreclosure if it is in their best interests to do so.

Here’s an illustration of the time period for the Non-Judicial Foreclosure once the lender’s Trustee has filed a Notice of Default with the County Recorders Office:

                     NOTICE OF                         NOTICE
                     DEFAULT                           OF SALE                              TRUSTEE'S
                     (NOD)                                 (NOS)                                 SALE
Delinquent     | Reinstatement Period      |      Advertising           |
Redemption   |         3 Months                   |          3 Weeks            |

Usually, the only option when you fall behind on payments is to make up the back payments including penalties and fees or sell your home before the actual Trustee Sale.  If you do nothing, your home is scheduled for sale at a Trustee Sale and you WILL lose your home to the highest bidder or the lender will take it back.  You will also be evicted from your home and the foreclosure will seriously affect your credit that will force you to become a cash consumer.  Don’t let this happen to you.  We have programs available to assist you in avoiding a foreclosure, but you must act quickly.

Based on your individual circumstances, there may be ways to stop the foreclosure and start your life over and rebuild your credit.  We have also found ways to help homeowners potentially stay in their homes by working with the lenders on your behalf and trying to work out a plan.

Also, many don’t know that if you have refinanced your home, that you have lost legal protection against the lender coming after you for any deficiency balance on the loan once the home is sold at the Trustee’s Sale or from a Judicial Foreclosure. So you not only lose your home, but you may also be pursued for the financial loss the lender had to take.  You may also be presented with a 1099 indicating that you received debt relief if the home sold for less than what was owed on the loan. You have options; please call us to find out what they are as soon as possible so we can try to help you.

If you are behind in making your payments and you want to find out what your options are or how we may be able to help you, call now or go here

This information is provided for education purposes only. Parties should always contact competent legal and financial counsel to detemrine proper legal and financial remedies.